Welcome to the world of Rathe.

The world is known as Rathe. Rathe is an anagram of Earth, as this is an alternate version of what our Earth could be, but rathe is also an archaic word meaning prompt or eager, or blooming and ripening early in the year.

This world is blooming and ripening, and we’re all eager to share a creative experience.

It is the home of a creative project that has been bouncing around in my head for several years. It is an open and persistent world, with contributions from all of the players and fans. Instead of sticking to the standard Tolkienesque fantasy tropes, Rathe allows us to design our races, civilizations, and cultures to be anything we want.

We’ve got militant dwarves who craft firearms with the assistance of alchemist kobolds. Drow aren’t matriarchal overlords of the underdark, but instead are tribal and have a full pantheon of vermin gods.


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